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welcome loop

First time in Thessaloniki?

Discover a few must-see spots located in the heart of the city; walk through historic monuments and landmarks, markets, artistic and creative spaces, hangouts and places where locals gather together. The perfect route to get a first glimpse of the city and feel its vibe. We also suggest some of our favorite spots where you can refuel and receive some extra care as an In the Loop user; use the coupons included, get discounts and offers and enjoy more with less. Get in the loop!

You can take this tour any day of the week, but it is better to check opening days and hours of each spot prior to your visit. Keep in mind that during the summer some places of interest may close for a short period (usually in August). Visit their websites and social media pages for updates.


art loop

Looking for inspiration and creativity?

Whether you are an artist, a passionate collector or simply an art freak, this is the perfect route to immerse yourself in Thessaloniki's contemporary art scene! Discover museums, galleries, cultural venues, public installations and art businesses, meet local artists and art professionals and visit the most interesting art shows and exhibitions. Use the coupons included to get your special discount and treat yourself with an art piece that you digged or buy a nice gift for your friends and family. Get in the art loop!

Try to avoid taking this tour on Sunday when all shops and galleries are closed, or Monday when museums and most galleries are closed as well. Morning is the best time of day to take this tour. Keep in mind that during the summer some places are closed for a short period (usually in August). Visit their websites and social media pages for updates.


night loop

How about an insider’s night out?

Let us take you on a night out to remember in a city that never sleeps! Find your way to some of the hottest nightlife spots and diverse venues locals hang out at, meet their creators and owners and find out first-hand about the stories behind each place. From 70s punk rockers and 90s shoegazers to cozy jazz bars, bistros and the magical Naughties, Thessaloniki's nightlife will spoil you rotten! And how about a few drinks on the house? Use your In the Loop coupon in every spot you visit and get your special treat! Get in the night loop!

Keep in mind that most café-bars (most bars operate as cafés as well) in Thessaloniki don’t have a non-smoking area. Also, in the summertime (usually in August) some of them close for a short period. But don’t lose your spirit. In this city, there are always bars open and ready to serve you!


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